Two years ago today, Rob and I, clutching a panting Boston terrier, walked down the aisle together in New Paltz, New York. It was not quite an historic occasion, as the mayor had already been forced to stop issuing actual marriage licenses to same-sex couples, and yet the air was heavy with moment. Or perhaps that was humidity. Lots and lots of humidity.

I choose to interpret that humidity as a hug from god (and god definitely needs to go heavier on the Right Guard).

If we lived in a sitcom (and I’m not sure that we don’t), a potential wacky hijink was that either Rob or I, or both of us, could have accidentally wound up married to Goblin Foo, like if she had happened to say “I do” before I did, or if she said “achoo” and it was interpreted as “I do,” or if she knocked one of us out and dressed up in his clothes and nobody noticed. Then Rick Santorum’s greatest fear would have been realized. Rick Santorum is the lunatic senator from Pennsylvania who believes that gay marriage is a slippery slope to people marrying animals, an argument that was also made against mixed-race marriages. I’m so glad to know, as we lurch through the global disasters of their own construction, that the Republicans have their priorities straight. They may let ninety-five percent of cargo from suspicious countries enter the country uninspected and look the other way as Pakistan sells nuclear weapons to terrorists, but when it comes to those vast hordes of citizens who want to wed the livestock, nothing is getting past them.

So, anyway, two years.

Not bad.


Fireday Chupacabra Blogging

Alo. Salut. Sunt eu un haiduc.

Or am I Picasso?

Okay, I might as well tell you what happened. My back yard caught on fire last weekend. I had lit some insect-repelling incense in the garden, a spark or something must have secretly ignited the peat moss Rob secretly spread out, and the next thing I know, it’s morning and the neighbors are banging on the back door, putting out a smoldering blaze.

I had thought my stars were realigning away from my disaster constellations, but I suppose not. So many disasters, so little time: that is apparently my chief astrological characteristic.

Anyway, on to the chupacabra! Today we have a Crash-Goblin hybrid whose name I have changed to Montezuma Sparkle, Optometrist to the Stars.


Friday, um, I mean Saturday Chupacabra Blogging

This one looks like my ex-boyfriend Erich, whose birthday was yesterday.


Full Nest

I have started to write this entry several times and always trail off. Maybe I am out of practice in writing, or perhaps I have merely been dead inside. Temporarily dead. Like a butterfly. Or Rush Limbo’s poor brain, which must still occasionally fire up a few neurons every now and again in order to score his latest fix.

The fact is, I had not been writing as much here in recent months because I was simultaneously the busiest and boringest I have been in years. My life was non-stop activity, but it was all the same, every day. The permanent groove I wore in the pavement between home and work and gym stands as testament to this; it was a fiesta of fruit flavors those few times I managed to veer out of this rut to, say, go to the grocery store to buy yogurt.

But in more recent weeks, however, I have been avoiding the old Hippo not because too little was going on, but too much. Upheavals at work, my nephew being born two months prematurely, trips to New York, Goblin’s birthday (new name: Stinkerella Snarfpot, Yoga Instructor), and many other predicaments and occasions have filled my days. I suppose it’s telling that I have been “live blogging,” as they say, these events in my head as they progress. I have needed an outlet, but more than that, I have needed peace and regeneration.

In the end, I have ended up with none of these things, but life goes on, and so do we (just how we do it is no mystery). One by one, we fill the days; we find a thousand different ways.

Rain or shine, I’ll be the one to share it all as life goes on. We share it all as life goes on.


Friday Chupacabra Blogging

“Hi, I’m Jwer and Crash combined into one creature!”


Friday Chupacabra Blogging