Status Update

I’m not happy with any of the writing I’ve been doing lately. #writersblock #frustration #chupacabra-attack



I am doing this thing called “getting away from it all,” which consists of fleeing all of my responsibilities by traveling by myself to a remote cabin in the woods in order to focus on my responsibilities. Yeah, I don’t get it, either. The first couple of days, I lolled around like a Hutt, although I did not eat like a Hutt because all I brought with me were ingredients for a stew, and I quickly got nauseated by the idea of stew.

But then a little spark of something, most probably guilt, took hold and I actually began working, mostly studying for my national board exams. “Studying” is not the correct word; I am making study sheets that I hope to study from at some unspecified future date, but those sheets are not going to make themselves. If they did, I would pay them a hundred dollars. If they made themselves and then disguised themselves as me to go and take the high-security exam, which they then passed in my name so I do not have to bother, I would pay them a million dollars. If they made themselves and brought me a pizza, I would pay them ten dollars.

I also did my weekly cafe bookkeeping, planned updates to my acupuncture website, and then lolled around some more just for the heck of it.