Just Do It?

I have a new determination. The fate of my old determination is irrelevant. My new determination is to do hill sprints every two days. Hill sprints are sprints up a hill, as fast as my little legs will carry me. The hill in question is two blocks from my house, and, as it happens, my little legs can’t carry me very fast. But it’s the nature of my determination to persevere.

I am a winner.

Yesterday, I went to the mall to buy some new running shoes. My old ones had developed a squeak (only the left one, actually; it was an asymmetrical squeak). Today, I sprang out of bed at ten forty and went running. I was lying on the bathroom floor by ten fifty, trying to keep from throwing up.

I had done three hill sprints.

My body is a conspiracy of aches, concerns, and flab.

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