Batten down the Hatches

My web log, the beloved Upside-down Hippopotamus, has come under attack. Oh, yes. I know you must be shocked, clutching your pearls in open-mouthed consternation, but it’s true, my little broccoli flowers. It’s true.
Spam. Spammers. Spam-spammity-spammers. They’re posting comments in my archives, dozens every day, advertising porn and illegal prescriptions and-cheekily-services to protect web logs from spammers like themselves. It’s the Spam Mafia, the Cosa Spamma.

Sometimes they post just a link. Sometimes, they pretend to be legitimate commentators and include a line or two of praise. My favorite is from “,” who notes, “I agree with what you say—makes sense to me. Looking for some Propecia?”

I block about twenty IPs per day, but this just makes them more determined. I just know they’re Republicans; who else would expend so much effort to destroy other people’s hard work and trick innocent web surfers into purchasing illegal Propecia, all in one fell swoop?

And then there are those who repeatedly post links to their books about underground movies.

Don’t get me started.

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