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I’ll bet you weren’t expecting to see me here, but TA DA! After my Superb Owl win, I should be in Disney World. Come to think of it, I really should be in Disney World. I had a trip booked for this very week, but I sold it on sleazy eBay, criminal lair of the nickel-and-dimers. Now some family from Minnesota or Missouri or one of those middle-American M states is stinking up the room I picked out. Michigan? I have no idea.

In other news, everything continues apace. I am starting to practice acupuncture in a third location next week. Book-writing, check. Studying, check. Cafe, check. Blogging, check. Sort-of check. I missed a couple of days, yes. Get over it. Bad back, check. Maybe calling it bad is setting up an unnecessary opposition. Good-back-doing-bad-things, check. Meditation, no. I have missed a few days of that, too. I think I am not necessarily the meditating sort. But maybe I should redefine myself as the meditating sort so I will do it. I am the meditating sort who is not meditating. Check.

Also, I put some little Vine videos on Twitter @UDHippo. I will see if I can put one here.

Hmm, that isn’t quite right. I can’t be bothered with this anymore, but click on that link if you want to. It has sound, too.


5 Responses to “Status Stylus”

  1. Christina V says:

    What in the world is that video about? I’m sure if it had sound I’d completely understand.

  2. Christina V says:

    Good God, I got the sound to work. Good God, well, maybe not.

  3. Pua says:

    TA DA! I’m actually always expecting to see you here. Let me say that I’m quite proud of you for always being here. It feels very lonely out here sometimes, but I can always count on you, and that makes me happy. It turns my frown “upside-down”. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Truthfully, I’m not sorry. 😉

    Bummers about your trip. Many, many years ago, I sat on a beach in Mexico crying because I was supposed to be on a beach in Hawaii. I made the mistake of trusting someone who said they could get me “cheap tickets” but who actually took off with my money. I was young and naive. Lesson learned. I think that shyster started eBay. At least I had a friend who took pity on me and took me to Mexico to sit on the beach.

    I’m going with Missouri.

    I’m in awe of you and your ability to fit so much into your life and STILL have time for blogging. But, like I said before, I’m grateful.

    • David says:

      Oh, Pua, you are the kindest person ever. You deserve to be on the beaches of Hawaii and also some other nice beaches that I can’t picture just now. I’m going to be here when I can. I have already been slipping in my commitment a bit, which is frustrating, but I will just forgive myself and move on. I will also forgive myself for a particular few cocktails I had last night, although they may not forgive me.

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