Perhaps it’s something in my

Perhaps it’s something in my horoscope: I have had a very social and communicative week. Not with my boyfriend, who is out of town on mysterious business and practically incommunicado, but with different people. I have had marvelous and/or in-depth conversations with Joe, Viki, two new friends (both also named David), two of my ex-boyfriends, my current boyfriend’s sister Rindy, one of my clients, one of my neighbors, my building manager, a night-shift taxi driver, the woman in the FedEx office after all of the customers got locked in, and a man I found sprawled across a path in Central Park and had initially taken for dead. This weekend, I am seeing my friends Mark and Lauri, and then Rob comes home on Sunday night and will doubtless tell me what he has been up to for the past two weeks.

Since I’m being such a chatty Cathy, do inform me if there’s something you want to hear about.

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