My acupuncturist’s offices are in

My acupuncturist’s offices are in the Fashion District, so I’ve passed through that area a number of times, but my only experience with the actual fashions has been glancing in the ground-floor wholesalers’ windows at dresses that look like something Imelda Marcos would wear to the wedding of someone she doesn’t like.

Today, I joined my sister-in-law Lindsay at two higher-end fashion showrooms as she continued her buying trip to stock her new boutique, and the name on everyone’s lips was not Imelda but Sarah, as in Sarah Jessica Parker. Just the hint that SJP had worn something recently got Lindsay scrambling for the order forms, and I can’t say I blame her. Though she may look like a man in drag, Ms. Parker certainly can choose her drag well.

Apparently, the secret to fashion buying is to keep track of the “story.” I have been a professional writer for ten years, but I must admit that I have never heard such an enchanting use of the word. A story is a group of similarly themed outfits from the same designer, and I got the idea that the components of these may be interchangeable. Perhaps these clothes may go so far as to tell a story about the person wearing them. If that is true, the story many “fashion-forward” women will be telling this spring is: “I would look like a call girl were it not for the sea-foam green.”

In case anyone is wondering, the fashion story I told today was: “I look like I just rolled out of bed not because it is fashionable but because I did.”

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